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Your generous donations help fund future development.

This document is for Baruwa's development version, may be significantly different from released versions and is a work in progress. View the current released docs here: 1.0.2.

Contributing to Baruwa

There are so many ways to help Baruwa’s development,

  • Blog about it.
  • Report bugs and request features
  • Submit patches for new and fixed behaviour
  • Join the mailing lists and share ideas
  • Donate to the project
  • Documentation
  • Translation

Reporting bugs

Please use the Github issue tracking system to report bugs and request new features.

Submitting patches

Baruwa source code is maintained in a git repository at Github

You can either:


The documentation is part of the source, clone the repo make the changes then either:

You can also contribute tips and sightings on the baruwa wiki at Github.


Donations are appreciated please use the Pledge system which accepts paypal payments


Clone the source code from Github, create a new language if it does not exist, translate and test then send me a pull request on Github