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This document is for Baruwa's development version, may be significantly different from released versions and is a work in progress. View the current released docs here: 1.0.2.

Other batteries included

Baruwa provides custom django commands to enable scripting of house keeping tasks such as quarantine management and Database maintenance.

Command options and help

These commands may take options to get details on the supported options run:

# baruwa-admin help command_name

Quarantine management

# baruwa-admin cleanquarantine

Deletes quarantined files older than QUARANTINE_DAYS_TO_KEEP. QUARANTINE_DAYS_TO_KEEP is set in the file

Quarantine reports

# baruwa-admin sendquarantinereports

Generates an email report of the quarantined messages for the past 24 hours, for each user that has quarantine report enabled.

Database maintenance

# baruwa-admin dbclean

Deletes records older than 60 days from the maillog table of the database, and archives them to the archive table.

Spamassassin rule description updates

# baruwa-admin updatesarules

Updates the Spamassassin rule descriptions in the database.

PDF reports

# baruwa-admin sendpdfreports

Sends PDF reports by email.

Mailq Stats updates

# baruwa-admin queuestats

Query the inbound and outbound queues and write stats to the database.