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Interface primer

The interface is simplified and AJAX is supported for most operations

The following have full AJAX support::
  • Messages
  • Lists
  • Reports


The messages tab provides access to the following functionality::
  • Recent messages (top 50) automatically refreshed every 60 seconds

  • Full message list, paginated access to all records

  • Quarantine, split into
    • full quarantine
    • spam
    • non spam
  • Archive, paginated access to all archived records

  • Message details with quarantine processing, list operations
    • message release
    • bayesian learning
    • message deletion
    • whitelist, blacklist from email address or IP address
  • Message release
    • Automated release from quarantine


The lists tab provides access to the following::
  • Management of black and whitelists


The settings tab provides access to the following::
  • User accounts management

  • Domain management
    • SMTP delivery host management
    • Authentication management
  • Scanner engine configuration


The reports tab provides access to the following::
  • Running of reports
  • Management of filters
  • Construction of custom queries


The status tab provides access to the following::
  • System status
    • Message totals (daily)
    • Service status
  • Bayesian status

  • Spamassassin lint check

  • Mail Queues status
    • Inbound queue
    • Outbound queue


The accounts tab provides access to the following::
  • Account management
  • Profile management