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Getting Help

How do I do X? Why doesn’t Y work? Where can I go to get help?

If the documentation does not contain an answer to your issue try the Baruwa mailing list, Feel free to ask any questions on installing, configuring, integrating and troubleshooting Baruwa. Please subscribe to the mailing-list or if you prefer to use a forum interface

I think I’ve found a security problem! What should I do?

If you think you’ve found a security problem with Baruwa, please send a message to

Can i get Commercial Support or pay for an installation

The author of Baruwa provides commercial support on both an ad-hoc and contract basis for Baruwa and all the associated applications. Any issues big or small from custom features to running entire clusters on a day to day basis.

All commercial support is offered via the Elance escrow system.