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Baruwa on Ubuntu/Debian

Baruwa deb install

Download the deb from, The installation process will also configure apache, mysql and baruwa should you choose.

The install asks you for the following info

  • apache virtualhost name (The name used to configure the baruwa apache virtualhost)
  • database host (The hostname or ip of the host running your mysql database)
  • database admin user (A user account with admin access on the database server)
  • database admin password (The password fo the above user)
  • database user (The user baruwa will use to connect to the database)
  • database password (The password for the above)
  • database name (The name of the baruwa database)
  • baruwa admin user (The baruwa admin user)
  • baruwa admin password (The baruwa admin user password)
  • baruwa admin email (The baruwa admin user email address)

Install Baruwa:

# gdebi baruwa_<version>_all.deb

Configure MailScanner

Enable the custom functions in your MailScanner configuration, edit the configuration file /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf and set the following:

Is Definitely Not Spam = &BaruwaWhitelist
Is Definitely Spam = &BaruwaBlacklist
Always Looked Up Last = &BaruwaSQL

Take a look at the mailscanner configuration instructions for other options.

Configure Baruwa

Edit the file and make the baruwa specific changes to suit your install:

# baruwa_path=$(python2.4 -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()")
# vi $baruwa_path/

Thats it point your browser to the apache virtualhost url.